Candace Weaver On a Saturday afternoon you can find me - This question will always depend on the season! When the weather outside is frightful, you can find me at one of the nearby ski resort enjoying the fresh snow and crisp air or snowshoeing through the mountains. Once the sun is shinning and the birds are chirping, my Saturdays are spent outdoors hiking, backpacking, biking, paddle boarding or my most favorite activity of all, kayaking! All while enjoying the company of good friends of course! My favorite escape- Anything whitewater, whether it be kayaking or rafting. A more relaxing escape would be taking my camera out into the wilderness to photograph everything from wildlife to serene landscapes.
Overnight Kayak Adventures

June 17, 2013 - Candace

For most people, when they think about kayaking, they think of a day trip to the local lake. Maybe a vacation day spent floating on the ocean, watching the birds and listening to the calm ocean ripples. While these trips are great, with just a bit more effort, you can really turn a kayaking trip into a fun filled outdoor adventure.

What better way to bond with your family or a group of friends then to be outside, away from all the electronic distractions, kayaking and camping in the wilderness. There are several ways to enjoy a camping and kayak trip. Some rivers flow through campgrounds, parks or national forest land allow camping right along the banks of the rivers. This type of trip can be great for a weekend get-a-way. Day one is spent paddling a few miles to your secluded campsite and getting yourself all setup. You get to spend one fantastic night by the fire, listening to the river and enjoying good company. The next day, you pack up, and get going for another paddle. A few miles and your back on dry land! This style trip will require some additional planning and equipment. It is good to have some dry bags and storage so you can bring your tent, sleeping attire and of course food! Paddlers will need kayaks with storage, such as hatches, larger tank wells, or a lot of bungee to tie things down. Also, be sure you find a calm section of river that does not have rapids or hazards. Always check with the Park Service, Forest Service, Army Core of Engineers or whoever manages the river to make sure this style trip is permitted. Local libraries always have great resources for finding overnight rivers, launch points and campgrounds. Look for a guide to kayaking or river running in your destination state. Be sure not to camp on private land.

The second, and easier route for camping and kayaking, is to just find a campsite a long a river, lake or pond where you can paddle during your free time. Many lakes and reservoirs permit camping along the banks. Here you can setup and not have to worry about hauling your camping equipment down the river. This lowers the need for storage, dry bags and creative packing. While maybe not as secluded, you still get to enjoy the wildlife, campfire and fresh air of the great outdoors. And really, nothing beats good campfire food and s’mores!

*Remember, always wear proper safety equipment, training and research the waterway you plan to visit before you go. Check with local authorities on water levels and hazards.

It’s Time to Dust off the Kayaks, It’s Summertime!

June 17, 2013 - Candace

Memorial Day has past and summer’s had its unofficial start! As the weather heats up and the kids finish up the school year, we are all in need of a vacation. These days, taking that one big trip to Orlando or hopping on a cruise to the islands can put a big hurting on the old wallet. Many people are choosing smaller and more frequent vacations. And lets be honest, who doesn’t want more vacations? I know I do. Here at Emotion, we wonder, why can’t every weekend be a vacation? Oh, but it can!! Having a few kayaks laying around for the family can make it easy, affordable and fun to stay closer to home this summer. You can head to your local lake one weekend and the next weekend do a river float. The options are endless! You won’t be paying expensive entrance fee’s, spending hundreds of dollars on gas, or paying an arm and a leg for accommodations. All you need are some kayaks, paddles, family and friends. In fact, you can get a some kayaks for the price you would pay for a few tanks of gas on a long drive in an SUV or just one plane ticket. Unlike a week vacation that comes to a sad and often surreal end, you just get to look forward to the next weekend’s adventures! Where will we go, what wildlife will we see, or what friends will want to join us!? Remember the neighbor that had the pool? Everyone wanted to come play, swim and cool off. Well, kayaks are the new pool! Everyone will want to try your kayaks! It is the new way to beat the heat, get outdoors and enjoy great company. Instead of spending all that money for 1 week of fun, why not pick up some kayaks and have years of fun for the whole family? You won’t regret it! Emotion Kayaks wants you to make every weekend a vacation!

June 14, 2013 - Candace

Casting for Recovery® is a non-profit organization which supports women who have or have had breast cancer. This innovative organization was founded on the principles that the natural world is a healing force, so they use fly fishing instruction and it's rhythmic movement to heal cancer sufferers both mentally and physically. Enter this awesome Emotion Angler Kayak! Ta-Dah!


The Glide is designed for ultimate stability, which allows you to fish while standing up--great for you fly fishers out there! You'll also appreciate all of the convenient features that have been designed into this kayak to make your fishing experience comfortable and enjoyable: an adjustable padded seat, adjustable foot braces, dual fly fishing rod holders, a paddle keeper, and shock cords located at the bow and stern to secure your gear to the kayak. The high-density polyethylene plastic construction is lightweight, durable, and easy to manage.

  • Casting for Recovery ® is a national non-profit support and educational program for women who have or have had breast cancer,
  • Casting For Recovery ® CFR provides fly fishing retreats at 37 locations around the United States. Their retreats are specifically designed for women who have or have had breast cancer. Their goal is to enhance the lives of breast cancer survivors by offering no-cost retreats tailored to promote and support mental and physical healing, shared experiences, and the hope that comes from learning new skills. Our hope is that kayaking can be a part of this healing process.
  • Emotion Kayaks will manufacture a special edition kayak with the Casting for Recovery® logo with proceeds from the sale being used to benefit the Casting for Recovery organization.
  • Emotion Kayaks will donate a portion of each sale ($25) from each CFR kayak sold to Casting For Recovery®.
  • MSRP $550

Special Features not on standard Glide Angler

  • Special Custom make up pink plastic (pantone color #226)
  • Special Casting For Recovery Mold in Graphic on Bow. Replaces small Emotion Graphic.
  • Substitute 2 Scotty fly rod holders with threaded mounts (#461) for standard flush mount rod holders. This is one of the only kayaks manufactured that feature fly fishing specific rod holders.

Standard Features

  • Padded and adjustable seat provides
    comfort & fold down convenience
  • Front and back Toggle Handles for easy
  • Ledge Lock Paddle Keepers to secure the
    paddle when not in use
  • Heavy Duty Adjustable Foot Braces for
    comfortable & secure foot bracing
  • Bow & Stern Deck Rigging to secure gear
    and easily accessible


  • Length: 9 ft 8 in (295 cm)
  • Width: 29 in (74 cm)
  • Deck Height: 14 in (35 cm)
  • Weight: 37 lbs (17 kg)
  • Cockpit Area: 43 in x 21.5 in (109 cm x 55 cm)
  • *Max Capacity 275 lbs (125 kg)
  • Hull Design (Stability & Tracking) ST Performance Hull
  • Hull Material Roto-Molded Linear Polyethylene

*Depending on water conditions

Outdoor Retailer Wrap-up

August 07, 2013 - Candace

We just finished up another big week at the Outdoor Retailer Festival! For those of you who don’t know what OR is, it is the largest outdoor industry trade show in the whole world! It is held in Emotion Kayaks’ backyard in downtown Salt Lake City. This year, we also had the industry Demo Day in our backyard as well because it was moved from Jordenelle Reservoir to Pineview Reservoir in Ogden Valley! We spent all day on the beautiful banks of Pineview paddling and talking to folks from all over the world. A big thanks to the many dealers that made the trek out to Utah to test our new kayaks. Good news, our dealers are already thinking of you for next season! We were super busy and had tons of people stop by to give our boats a test run!  What a day!

After Demo Day, the indoor show begins. We spend months preparing and designing both our booth and new kayaks to unveil at the show. This year we went all out, even more than we have in the past. We showcased all of the kayaks in our lineup at the Outdoor Retailer show this year and had such a great reaction! Our booth was bright, exciting and extremely colorful with all of our different kayaks laid out neatly around the booth. Our theme this year was a mountain vacation scene, complete with our own dock and cabin! Look closely at the photos; you might see a new kayak! We unveiled a total of 7 new boats and features this year, but they won’t be available until 2014. You heard right, 7 new designs for 2014! So start planning on a sweet new kayak in 2014! Don’t worry, we’ll have information available soon! 

Recreational Kayaking is Fun and Safe For the Family

December 04, 2013 - Candace

Recreational kayaking is a fun and safe way for the whole family to enjoy the outdoors.  Many people are a little apprehensive when they hear the word "kayaking."  They imagine people dropping off of 20 foot waterfalls and paddling through big wavy rapids.  But that isn’t the only way to kayak.  In fact, the largest segment of kayaking is within the recreational sector.  What is recreational kayaking?  Recreational kayaking refers to paddling on flat water lakes, bays, slow-moving calm river ways, and calm oceans.  No rapids involved!  Flat-water paddling is a safe way to enjoy the water.

Another misconception about kayaking is the Eskimo roll, which is another aspect of kayaking that only applies to whitewater or sea kayaking.  Recreational kayaks are not meant to roll and they are not designed to keep you inside if you should flip your kayak over.  A recreational kayak will allow the paddler to easily float out of the kayak and up to the surface if you should fall out.  The best part is that most recreational kayaks are designed to be extremely stable, so falling out is not a common occurrence.  If you happen to find yourself in the water, just laugh it off and swim the kayak back to shore.  These make great kayak stories, and if you are wearing your lifejacket (as you always should be) you will float anyway.

There are many design elements that go into making recreational kayaks safe while allowing for good performance.  So let your fears roll away, grab a paddle and give recreational kayaking a try!

*As with all sports, there is risk involved, but just getting in your car everyday is risky!  If you wear the proper attire and a lifejacket, kayaking is a great way to get outside comfortably and safely.