Miguel Pandich

Miguel is the newest member of the Emotion Fishing Team.  He is a bright face in the kayak fishing world and is quickly making waves and a name for himself.  We love his enthusiasm and dedication to kayak fishing and spreading the word.

Location: Palm Coast, Florida

The Basics: Miguel grew up in upstate NY learning how to fish from his grandfather on the Susquehanna River for walleye and smallmouth bass. He has been fishing
since he was 3 years old (now 27 years).  He landed his first trophy fish at 3 years
old, a 30", 10lb Brown Trout.  He still has the mounted skin hanging in his house. He moved to Florida in 2003 and currently lives in Palm Coast with his wife and 2  children.  

How Did He Get Started:  A friend got him started fishing in the in-shore saltwater and he quickly began to love in-shore fishing. He bought his first kayak in 2006 and been hooked since. Every time he goes out to kayak fish, his 3 year old son joins him.  Everyday when he gets home from work his son asks if he has to work tomorrow because he would rather they went kayak fishing.  

Favorite Fish:  Snook and close second the Redfish.

Tournaments and Awards: Miguel has been tournament fishing now for 4 years and
he finished 2nd in the 2012 Jacksonville Kayak Fishing Classic (dubbed
the largest kayak fishing tournament in the world). He is an avid promoter
of the kayak sport as well as kayak fishing. 

Visit Miguel’s kayak fishing page on Facebook and show him your support!  Here you can see his fishing trip blogs, reports, tournament finishes and photos.