Outdoor Retailer Wrap-up

Outdoor Retailer Wrap-up

We just finished up another big week at the Outdoor Retailer Festival! For those of you who don’t know what OR is, it is the largest outdoor industry trade show in the whole world! It is held in Emotion Kayaks’ backyard in downtown Salt Lake City. This year, we also had the industry Demo Day in our backyard as well because it was moved from Jordenelle Reservoir to Pineview Reservoir in Ogden Valley! We spent all day on the beautiful banks of Pineview paddling and talking to folks from all over the world. A big thanks to the many dealers that made the trek out to Utah to test our new kayaks. Good news, our dealers are already thinking of you for next season! We were super busy and had tons of people stop by to give our boats a test run!  What a day!

After Demo Day, the indoor show begins. We spend months preparing and designing both our booth and new kayaks to unveil at the show. This year we went all out, even more than we have in the past. We showcased all of the kayaks in our lineup at the Outdoor Retailer show this year and had such a great reaction! Our booth was bright, exciting and extremely colorful with all of our different kayaks laid out neatly around the booth. Our theme this year was a mountain vacation scene, complete with our own dock and cabin! Look closely at the photos; you might see a new kayak! We unveiled a total of 7 new boats and features this year, but they won’t be available until 2014. You heard right, 7 new designs for 2014! So start planning on a sweet new kayak in 2014! Don’t worry, we’ll have information available soon! 

Candace Weaver

Candace Weaver

On a Saturday afternoon you can find me - This question will always depend on the season! When the weather outside is frightful, you can find me at one of the nearby ski resort enjoying the fresh snow and crisp air or snowshoeing through the mountains. Once the sun is shinning and the birds are chirping, my Saturdays are spent outdoors hiking, backpacking, biking, paddle boarding or my most favorite activity of all, kayaking! All while enjoying the company of good friends of course! My favorite escape- Anything whitewater, whether it be kayaking or rafting. A more relaxing escape would be taking my camera out into the wilderness to photograph everything from wildlife to serene landscapes.



Daniel Garibay

When exactly will the 2014 models be available in stores??? Also, Will the new Stealth-11 be available in different colors??? Are Emotion kayaks sold in major sporting good stores such as "Sport Authority" or Dick's sporting goods"..?

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