Overnight Kayak Adventures

Overnight Kayak Adventures

For most people, when they think about kayaking, they think of a day trip to the local lake. Maybe a vacation day spent floating on the ocean, watching the birds and listening to the calm ocean ripples. While these trips are great, with just a bit more effort, you can really turn a kayaking trip into a fun filled outdoor adventure.

What better way to bond with your family or a group of friends then to be outside, away from all the electronic distractions, kayaking and camping in the wilderness. There are several ways to enjoy a camping and kayak trip. Some rivers flow through campgrounds, parks or national forest land allow camping right along the banks of the rivers. This type of trip can be great for a weekend get-a-way. Day one is spent paddling a few miles to your secluded campsite and getting yourself all setup. You get to spend one fantastic night by the fire, listening to the river and enjoying good company. The next day, you pack up, and get going for another paddle. A few miles and your back on dry land! This style trip will require some additional planning and equipment. It is good to have some dry bags and storage so you can bring your tent, sleeping attire and of course food! Paddlers will need kayaks with storage, such as hatches, larger tank wells, or a lot of bungee to tie things down. Also, be sure you find a calm section of river that does not have rapids or hazards. Always check with the Park Service, Forest Service, Army Core of Engineers or whoever manages the river to make sure this style trip is permitted. Local libraries always have great resources for finding overnight rivers, launch points and campgrounds. Look for a guide to kayaking or river running in your destination state. Be sure not to camp on private land.

The second, and easier route for camping and kayaking, is to just find a campsite a long a river, lake or pond where you can paddle during your free time. Many lakes and reservoirs permit camping along the banks. Here you can setup and not have to worry about hauling your camping equipment down the river. This lowers the need for storage, dry bags and creative packing. While maybe not as secluded, you still get to enjoy the wildlife, campfire and fresh air of the great outdoors. And really, nothing beats good campfire food and s’mores!

*Remember, always wear proper safety equipment, training and research the waterway you plan to visit before you go. Check with local authorities on water levels and hazards.

Candace Weaver

Candace Weaver

On a Saturday afternoon you can find me - This question will always depend on the season! When the weather outside is frightful, you can find me at one of the nearby ski resort enjoying the fresh snow and crisp air or snowshoeing through the mountains. Once the sun is shinning and the birds are chirping, my Saturdays are spent outdoors hiking, backpacking, biking, paddle boarding or my most favorite activity of all, kayaking! All while enjoying the company of good friends of course! My favorite escape- Anything whitewater, whether it be kayaking or rafting. A more relaxing escape would be taking my camera out into the wilderness to photograph everything from wildlife to serene landscapes.


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